Amani Abdul’s debut CD, MUSE, is composed of various deep and edgy poetic lyrics that set the sensual tone through her subtle delivery of an eclectic, earthly warm, soulful, melodic, and a deeply passionate intimate setting that will ignite your soul. Her deliciously sexy, yet sophisticated, classy lyrics will captivate and inspire your spirit and take you on a journey to revisit the Muses of your life.

MUSE is currently available on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and other online music sites

Amani’s poetry books, Lyrics of an Angel, Lions Liar and MUSE - The Lyrics will be available on Kindle December 2013.

MUSE: The Lyrics

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poetry book

Muse: The Lyrics, is a deep and edgy book of poetry that sets a sensual and passionate tone. It is sure to captivate and inspire your spirit and take you on a journey to revisit the Muses in your life.

Lyrics of an Angel: poetry in reality

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poetry book

(some explicit lyrics)

Lyrics of an Angel is a poetry book written from a maturing woman's soul. Step into reality and journey into the depths of Amani Abdul's heart, as she passionately expresses her deepest and innermost thoughts. Inside you will find lyrics for every mood and situation; such as love, friendship, death, and social perspectives. Welcome to Amani's world...

Lion's Lair

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Lions Lair is the continuation of Amani Abdul’s first book of poetry, Lyrics of an Angel. In Lions Lair, Amani delves deeper into her heart, life and social issues.



In order to fully understand what is happening outside of you, you must first understand what is happening inside of you. Your actions are a projection of your thoughts.

Understanding yourself is understanding existence as a whole. Earthly life is about tests and lessons and through them you can master your spiritual development.

The universe is mental. Therefore, you have to learn how to master your mind in order to master and create your life.

This book is about understanding how to identify and find your way through those moments by releasing societal chains, long-term conditioned strongholds, and breaking through your multilayered self. The chapters break down life in a simple format and share tools to assist you in looking into your inner self in order to Free Your Spirit and Release Your Soul and to uncover the Inner Peace now dormant within you.



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Meaning of the Symbols:

The All Seeing Eye: The Eye of Ra, pronounced ray, is also known as Horus’s Right Eye which represented the Sun, and Wadjet, meaning Whole One. This Eye is a representation of royal authority, wisdom, prosperity, power, good health, protection against evil, and the Sun. 

The OM Symbol (ॐ) pronounced AUM, is a Sanskrit symbol and sound used in eastern religions. It is the ultimate mantra and deemed the sound of the Universe. When enunciated, it becomes a vibration that encompasses all other sounds and is used in chants and mantras during meditation, and yoga exercises.